Short Review of my Chennai-Trivandrum in UFX Multiaxle on july 19 2013
Departure Time: 8.30/9.00
Arrival Time:????/10.20
Operator: Travel in UFX volvo multiaxle Bus
Seat: C1
Occupancy: Full

Bus came near to iob bunk in cmbt omni bus terminal at 8 and it departed at 9.
Till that spotted Parvven Benz to hyderabad at 8.15. Kallada bus at 8.25 parveen benz to tvm at 8.35. Kallada yellow volvo multi at 8.37 and that time bethelehem benz entering the cmbt omni bus terminal. Spotted kallada red chennai-trivandrum bus at 8.39 and KPN chennai-ernakulam 8.46. And finally my bus left cmbt at 9 bus crawled and reached porur toll 9.23 and reached perungalathoor at 9.50. While going to perungalathoor lot of non ac bus overtook us and one setc bus too overtook us. The max speed reached till perungalthoor is 74. the bus left perungalathoor at 10 and stopped for fuel break after vandaloor and filled 150 liters of diesel while we reaching near srm university bharathi overtook us and finally reached paranur toll at 10.43. After paranur toll we overtook bharathi bus while it stops for a bio break. Then within a few mins bharathi overtook us in a flash and fed out from my eyes. He drive the bus like a hell and he constantly maintains 70-80 speed. So i slept. Woke up when cleaner shouted madurai at 5. Again slept wake up wen cleaner shouted nellai at 6.30. In nellai new busstand spotted Rathimeena 1+1+1, kpn, s.kallada, IJT. S.kallada and IJT left before us and we left before rathimeena and kpn. Spotted on SRM multi infront of one petrol bunk in nellai. Then again slept off and woke up when cleaner shouted nagercoil at 7.45. In nagercoil spotted Rathimeena, kpn, srs multiaxle buses and both kpn and rathimeena left before us. While we came out of the ngl busstand spotted S.kallada before us. Then slept off and finally woke up wen cleaner shouted aristo junction and the time was 10.20 rathimeena too came behind us at 10.20 only.
The wrost volvo journey

Spotted the buses in aristo junction
Kallada chn-tvm bus 10.30
another kallada and SRM 10 pm multi at 10.35
Srs 10.37
parveen snooze 10.40
one more kallada and ksrtc clun class at 10.42
kpn 12
kpn and kesini at 12.20